• How to wash your hats New Era?


    We know that New Era caps are part of your day to day and although they are designed to the highest demands, Washington Nationals Hat New Era it is normal to get dirty at some point, and that is why we have products specifically designed for you to keep your cap looking like new. Here are 5 easy steps to clean your New Era:

    How to wash your hats New Era

    1. Moisten

    Wet the affected part lightly with warm buy hat online water, avoiding overheating the fabric of your cap. This will prevent your cap from shrinking, losing shape or fading during the process.

    2. Apply cleaner

    Generously shake and apply the New Era Cap Freshener foam on the surface you want to clean.

    3. Let your cap rest

    Wait 15 minutes for the foam to have a deep effect on the stain.

    4. Size in depth

    Using the brush included White Georgia Bulldogs Hat in the New Era Cleaning Kit, rigorously brush your cap to finish cleaning the problem area.

    5. Rinse and dry

    Remove any remaining excess with warm water and leave your cap in a well-ventilated place to dry completely. Eye: do not leave it in the sun or hang it up.accesorios-new-era-1

    Additionally you can keep your New Era caps away from dust and dirt with New Era Cap Guard, which provides greater protection mitchellandness.com against future stains. We recommend you avoid at all costs to put your cap to the washer or dryer, as this can cause your cap to mistreat or even lose its shape.

    Ready! Now you can look flawless with your New Era. Find New Era cleaning products and accessories in our new Online Store.

    We know you love your hats, so be a part of the New Era community!